Madame Bristenia Story

The Band was formed in 2011 in Dresden, Germany by Oleg and Archie. Sharing a rehearsal space at Volume11, these two young members were originally inspired by groove metal and grunge bands. They would later change the band name to Devio Hail in 2015. The first drummer Frank ( singer/guitarist from ex-RadCanvas) joined the band in the same year. This jam under the band name “Wutevr” has continued till 2013. In 2014 the band’s name was changed to “The Suspectz” along with the appearing of new drummer Falko, who replaced Frank. In 2015 Thomas took drummers place, and bass player Markus also joined the band.
Finally the gig activity of Devio Hail started in September 2015 with its first show at Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz. After several instrumental gigs the band has had line-up changes where bass player Markus was dismissed because of personal differences with the band members and was replaced by Sönke ( drummer from Hammada). Markus Went on to perform with the band John Matrix. Later in 2017 Thomas and Sönke also left the band because of their projects. Unsatisfied with the routine in the band, but having gained the massive quantity of riffs and ideas Oleg recruited Kvila Bristenia for vocals and guitar to push the project out of the habitual boundaries aspiring to follow other musical ways playing сomplex and discordant structures.


During band’s mutation with the appearing of Kvila’s vocals, Oleg started to play drums instead of rhythm guitar. These changes have led to the unique style’s developing, where Oleg took the experience of past compositions as a basis. Due to Kvila Bristenia’s joining the band as a vocalist/guitarist and co-author of songs in the beginning of 2018, the band gets new name Madame Bristenia. In April 2018 bass player Oscar has joined the band. The band plans to resume concert activity with new forces and restructured material.
At this moment Madame Bristenia is working on its new audio and video material.
Feel free to offer the band the participation in events.