About Madame Bristenia

Each band is going through its own stages of development in the world of music to get its own experience and “level up”. During last 7 years the band has come a complicated way of its formation. Along with this experience the band has gained its own listeners, confidence in what band members do, stage competence and everything that helps them to reach their goals. At the same time we are looking for creative musicians who are able to play conceptual complex music and contribute its intriguing material.

— Oleg (Tilarids), Founder


Oleg (Tilarids)

Founder and composer,
rhythm guitar (2011-2017),
drummer (2017 – present)


Kvila Bristenia

Lead vocals, lyrics and rhythm guitar (2017 – present)


Bass (2018 – present)

The Story

The Band was formed in 2011 in Dresden, Germany by Oleg and Archie. Sharing a rehearsal space at Volume11, these two young members were originally inspired by groove metal and grunge bands. They would later change the band name to Devio Hail in 2015.

The first drummer Frank (singer/guitarist from ex-RadCanvas) joined the band in the same year. This jam under the band name “Wutevr” has continued till 2013. In 2014 the band’s name was changed to “The Suspectz” along with the appearing of new drummer Falko, who replaced Frank. In 2015 Thomas took drummers place, and bass player Markus also joined the band.